Md Imran Hossain

Backend Developer





Born on 19th of Nov, 1988
Married, two kids

Skills & Tools

  • Infrastructure / Framework / DB

    Laravel AJAX Swagger Tailwind MySQL Bootstrap


BSc Computer Science

2014 - 2019 Dhaka International University





Looking for hard and challenging Job where I will have the scope to utilize my potentiality, adaptability and skill to do something innovative and from where I will be able to chance knowledge. To enter in a well organization in a suitable position having the invention to work with honesty sincerity and to learn, grow and eventually take greater responsibilities, gain experience and skill for successful career.

I am highly motivated in expanding my horizons day by day for better performance, testing and user experience.

my skills

I'd like to share my skills and knowledge in several fields.

  • Laravel Framework
  • Ajax, JS, Passport API, Swagger, Tailwind etc.
  • Web Components, e.g. with StencilJS, LitElement
  • Software Architect and Deployment
  • Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Databases
  • Web development
  • Backend development, e.g. PHP, Laravel


Daffodil Polytechnic, Dhaka

Aug,  2017 - Feb, 2019:
Fullstack Developer
Managing web sites and application. Develop web solutions for students and make paperless system. Developed Result management system, counsel system, jpc etc. such type projects for better solution.
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Bootstrap Laravel Git Bitbucket Jira


Result Management

Result management system is to manage resulting system. It automatically generates marksheet, resultsheet and testimonial.
Deployed to:
Code on:
  • Result Automation
  • Generate marksheet, resultsheet, testimonial
  • Student Database
  • Teacher Database
  • Database Backup
Built with:
Laravel CSS styled-jsx mySQL AJAX

Front office Management

Front office system has build to collect the enquires data and store the counselling information. So that, as per the students requirements, Institute can take action to modify any course or build new skill course to teach.
Deployed to:
Code on:
  • Counsel Data Automation
  • Send bulk email and SMS
  • Student Database
  • Time based data analysis
  • Database Backup
Built with:
Laravel AJAX mySQL jQuery